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Funding in the age of Covid-19

With so much coronavirus uncertainty, where should start-ups be looking for capital?

Learning from the financial crisis

Lessons from the 2008 crash can be helpful if you’re considering an exit

Recruiting remote workers

How can you integrate new colleagues when they are working from home?

Thriving through a recession

We ask former KPMG Restructuring Officer Stuart Lawson for advice on navigating a recession

Is your office too big?

Your office needs may have changed after Covid-19

Marketing through a crisis

Why start-ups need to find new ways to reach customers

Staying on course

Covid-19 hasn't changed how businesses are valued ahead of sale

Back to work

How to bring back workers as the furlough scheme winds down

DNA of an entrepreneur

Business leaders can be defined by the issues they are juggling. Click on one of these hexagons to read more about a topic that is key to our entrepreneurial clients

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