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Getting support to raise your game

The government-backed schemes designed to make SMEs more competitive

Learning resilience from lobsters

What an unlikely lockdown-beating alliance teaches us about business

Should you invest now?

Spending on your enterprise could pay in the long-term

When you return to the office

Make sure you're prepared when things change and restrictions are eased

Adapting to the new environment

How you can thrive by pivoting your business model

Recruiting remote workers

How can you integrate new colleagues when they are working from home?

Back to work

How to bring back workers as the furlough scheme winds down

Thriving after lockdown

How can businesses return to good health after the pandemic?

DNA of an entrepreneur

Business leaders can be defined by the issues they are juggling. Click on one of these hexagons to read more about a topic that is key to our entrepreneurial clients

Beyond the horizon

There will be a completely new set of challenges and opportunities for your business in the future. Below we’ve provided insight into what lies ahead

Capital gains tax under review

The government is considering a report that suggests a big increase in the tax may be needed

Preparing for business exit in 2021

How should you go about selling your business next year?

5 signs it’s time to sell

Have you reached the end of the journey with your business?

Is your buyer serious?

What homework do you need to do on a potential buyer

Reacting to unsolicited offers

What should you do if you receive an unexpected approach?

Learning from the financial crisis

Lessons from the 2008 crash can be helpful if you’re considering an exit

Staying on course

Covid-19 hasn't changed how businesses are valued ahead of sale

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