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Podcast: the value of advice

Martin Brown CEO of business growth advisers Elephants Child explains why businesses need advisers

Podcast: the value of advice

Running your own business can be a lonely place and you may need someone you can trust to discuss your plans and give you advice. Martin Brown, CEO of business growth advisers Elephants Child tells Andrew Strange how they work with entrepreneurs to give them the support they need – and provides some impressive examples of success.
St. James’s Place works closely with Elephants Child to provide a holistic service that spans the business and personal finances of businesspeople, helping their companies and families to flourish.

The methods of raising finance discussed in the Podcast are unlikely to be the first options as there will be conditions attached to any agreement reached, which by their nature will be more onerous than those imposed by a mainstream lender. Please be aware that these schemes are only suitable for sophisticated investors willing to take a high risk with their capital as there is a risk an investor may lose some or all of their capital if the scheme invested in fails.

Powers of Attorney and Will writing involves the referral to a service which is separate and distinct to those offered by
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